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Monday, September 4, 2017

Spiritual Transformation From The Old Man To The New

Spiritual Transformation From The Old Man To The New
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Spiritual Transformation From The Old Man To The New(new convenant) starts under the reign of Christ.In the old covenant, God gave Israel a land(promised and conquered), temple, a royal priesthood, sacrifices, circumcision, commandments, etc...These things were all things related to the flesh or physical things;a temporal solution till Christ Jesus finally comes and pays the price of man with His blood.
The true fulfillment cannot be found in mere sacrifice and laws.It was found in Christ. He came to bring a spiritual kingdom.He is the true living temple,king, priest in the order of Mechizedech,the true sacrifice,the body of people - or the promised land Himself.His death on the cross was the circumcision and the true beleievers were circumcised in heart by the Holy Spirit given on pentecost.Likewise now,when you turn away from SIN and truely seek the will of God.

Spirit renewal of a sinful man

So then, the Israelites had a choice - continue with the dying earthly old covenant or accept the spiritual development which is the eternal new covenant.Christian Spiritual transformations was chosen over the old convenant.The promised land will become the lake of fire or hell and will be burnt down - no more temple, priesthood, sacrifice, circumcision or laws as we now have ALL in Christ Jesus.It would be the "End times" or "last day".The End will come like Noah's flood or Sodom's fire upon Jerusalem in 70AD. That generation passed away. It could not continue any more.The law came to an end with no more repetition. The law and sin will pass away at the Judgment Day in the 2nd coming of Christ.

God made a New Covenant with US(the saved) - a new world so to speak.This occurs to you when you have experienced spiritual awakening process.Those who believed in Christ escaped the judgment to live in this new covenant world - the new humanity.Where all things are spiritual. His presence is with us wherever we go. There is no more law or sin..."sins He remembers no more". Sin does not exist. Christ took away the law and sin.We live in the everlasting generations of the New Covenant.This is eternal life - that we know God as DADDY who loves us and does not account sins anymore. From generation to generation, this world will not pass away. There is no more wrath or judgment for this is the true Spiritual Transformation From The Old Man To The New

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