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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Living In A Peaceful State Of Mind

thoughts are fixed on youYou will keep in perfect peace......all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"- Isaiah 26;3

Who are you trusting to solve your problems,God or yourself?Before you answer,read this "You will keep in perfect peace all who trust you...whose thoughts are fixed on you!...for those who are righteous,the way is not steep and rough.You are a God who does what is right,and you smooth out the path ahead of them".What a great promise God has made to us! If you want to maintain a peaceful state of mind,live by this principle."Do your best,and trust God with the rest."This principle will not only give you a sense of assurance but will also add a sense of security to your faith;surrender your problems to God and let him take control of the situation.

God's thoughts are on you

Some of us grew up with the notion that it's wrong to enjoy ourselves when we have problems. We've been conditioned to think that if we can't do anything else-at least we can worry and become miserable.Paul addresses this : 'Do not[for a moment] be frightenend..for such[constancy and fearlessness] will be a clear sign...from God"(Philipians 1:28 AMP).Take a bold leap and enjoy God's grace when you are faced with problems;Pray,hope and have faith that God is in control.Satan doesn't know what to do when he can't get you upset;you've taken a powerful weapon out of his hands.By trusting God completely,you're no longer at the mercy of circumstances, other people, or your own emotions and limitations. Broadcaster Paul Harvey once quipped, "In times like these,it's helpful to remember there have always been times like these!" .The question you should ask yourself isn't "Will trouble come?" It's "How will you handle trouble when it comes?" The bible says, "We which have believed do enter into rest"(Hebrews 4:3). When things go wrong-don't go wrong along with them.You should follow God's leading,stand on His word,then rest in Him and trust Him to work positively and tirelessly on your behalf.

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