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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

For God So Loved The World : Live In The Good Of How Much God Loves Us

When we begin to live in the good of how much God loves us,an amazing change is brought about in our personalities and we start to love like Him. We cannot help it. Love-agape love(love in Greek) is not the fruit of labour;it is a response. When we stand at the foot of the cross, the place where the love of God was expressed most fully, the scales fall from our eyes and,as I said earlier, our own love flames in response. We love because we are loved, says the apostle John. Love originatges not with us but with God.

Teresa of Avila once described how one day going into her room. She noticed a picture of Jesus being scourged before His crucifixion. She must have seen the picture hundreds of times before, but in that moment of revealation she saw it as she had never seen it before. She saw God suffering-suffering out of love and suffering for her. The revealation sent her to her knees, sobbing in wonder, and when she arose she was a changed woman. The revealation of Calvary's love was the great divide in her life. She said that she arose witha a sense of "unpayable debt" and went out to share what she now realised about God's love with others.

Never try to manufacture love. Linger in the shadow of the cross. Spend time focusing on Calvary and what happened there. The love of God finds its most burning expression at the cross. meditate knows no higher strategy for pouring love into human hearts than by granting us a vision of how much wea re loved- a vision strong enough to evoke a response in our hearts. And when we respond to that love, it begins to grow in us and through us.

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