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Life Is Not easy: Quit Blaming The Devil

Life is not easy but Some people blame everything on the devil. You fall sick - oh, it's satan punishing me. Your Car broke down - it's because they're in Lucifer's hands. Maybe you Lost the job - oh I have been Jinxed. it's probably some books I'm reading. or it's the songs I have been listening to or the movies I have been watching. Maybe I ate some new food. It could be the pastor's message tagged You "allowed" demons to enter your life. Truth is, bad stuff happens because we live in an imperfect world. That's why both good and bad events happen to all people.

Life Is Not easy: Quit Blaming The Devil

Evidently Jesus defeated "satan" and "demons" on the cross, but he's still causing havoc on earth. Really? Then Jesus should we suffer? Yes-No,then we should expect believers to always be healthy, rich, being the CEOs of companies and never be stuck in traffic jams. Right? But no, bad stuff happens to all people - both Christians and unbelievers. To people who are fully in grace and those in apparent "SIN". It also happens to those who don't even know God exists and it happens to people who swear by the Bible. It's not because of "demons". It's because of this thing called life. life is not easy neither is it perfect. The "devil" was the old covenant that will be destroyed on Christ return


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