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Friday, June 16, 2017

pray for those in authority: 12 Prayer Points for our Leaders

pray for those in authority constantly as it goes a long way in helping our leaders.The lifestyles of each individual in a country is impacted by means of the vest majority of human beings in low or high authority.For us to enjoy the blessings that our nation brings, we have to strive to continually pray for the individuals who has been made to rule over us; in governments, religions, households, judges, legal professionals, enterprise, police officer, executives and managers the ones worried in educational management, clinical practitioners and hospital administrators. Are they worth praying for? How can we pray for them ? What are the prayer point we ought to pray approximately?

right here I listed twelve prayer points with scriptural backup to help you pray for them. They covert our prayer, with out our prayers they may be doomed and lead us off course.God is glorified whilst you pray in spirit for your leaders.

pray for those in authority

1. Let us pray for those in authority that our leaders be God fearing and understand that they’re accountable to Him for every selection and act. – Proverbs nine:10

If our leaders will understand the fact they’re will provide account to God on the remaining day, I think, they will work tough to make certain that they work very hard.

2. That they be honest in economic, tax and moral matters – 1 Timothy 6:10, 1 Timothy 6:6-10

you may agree with me that most of the revenue our nation, states and local government councils generates are no where to be found as they’re either embezzled are mismanage by means of our so referred to as leaders. however if each one of us will commit 5 minutes every day to wish for them to lead aright, then we can see are new revolutions in our country.

3. That they be granted wisdom, understanding and knowledge to steer the citizens. – James 1:five

wisdom is the capacity to discern between right and bad. Our leaders inside the government, religious, family cycle will humble themselves and seek for Divine knowledge and wisdom, they will move far.We need to pray for our leaders to be persisted with divine wisdom and knowledge in each element of their leadership.

4. That they seek deligently pastoral care and wise counsel when needed. – Hebrew 13:7

Many leaders work on their own;learning to depend on themselves most of the times, making them to seek humanly wise counsel and forget the counsel of the Lord. We should pray for our leaders to be humble and seek a pastoral counsel.

5. pray for those in authority that they seek and follow godly and God fearing pals and colleagues. Psalms 1:1-3

The friend you keep determines your future. We have to pray for the leaders to seek friends that will lead them to aright in their position. Many leaders aren’t sensible enough to determine the form of friends and co-workers they’ll mingle with.

6. That they be generous and possess compassionate hearts for the have little and poor and needy. – 1 Kings 10:33-37

that is one of the principal area we can pray for them. They need to be compassionate and generous to the persons or people they’re leading.most of them are there for their selfish desires, only to fulfill themselves and no longer the people they’re supposed to steer and govern.there is nothing that melts the heart of humans greater than prayer.
Prayer is the effective toll that we need to hire to win the heart of our leaders and thereby doing what they ought to do to their people.

7. That they recognize their very own inadequacy and pray and seek the will of God. – Proverbs three:five-8

The first-class teacher we can hire is ourselves. Leaders need to recognize their inadequacies and make amend on them.

8. that they have got courage to withstand manipulation, pressure, and the worry of man. – Proverbs 29:25.

A courageous man is a powerful and effective man. Our leaders need our prayers to be able to resist and flee temptation from the things around them. most times, they are manipulated to do against their wish. In a country like our dear, Nigeria, you already know that godfatherlism is the order of the day, when some man some where will sponsor someone available to emerge a particular position and thereafter, manipulate the man to do in opposition to the desire of the those who he is leading.this is the time we are able to pray for our united states. They need the prayers now more than ever.

9. That they read the Bible and attend prayer meetings and Bible research. – Psalms 199:eleven. Colossians three:2

what number of leaders within the government study the Bible and attend prayer meetings these days?a leader who made God his foundation will most certainly be resistant to difficult manipulation in life.

10. That they accept godly counsel and God-fearing guide. – Proverbs 24:6

We must pray for those in authority so that any counsels that come forth from them could be godly. We need to pray that God will flip all the counsel of the wicked to foolishness.We must additionally pray that every person that they select to be in their cabinet to be God-fearing; adviser, ministers, commissioners, and so forth. will be God-fearing.

11.That they be sincere and devoted to spouses and kids. – Malachi 2:15-sixteen

The Bible said in 1 Timothy3:4-five, that a leader must be the only one that guidelines his home very well, having his kids in subjection with all gravity; (For if a man recognize now not the way to rule his very own house, …)let’s’s start praying for the leaders in order to know how to first rule their home. If they’re not capable to rule their own house, that means they will not be able to rule the people outside.

12. That they be prepared to give account to Almighty God. – Hebrews nine:27

this is the most critical aspect of we must no longer neglect to pray for them.let’s keep in mind that every action we take in life, we must give account of it. also know that being a leader isn’t an smooth path particularly in political and spiritual aspects. in this context, you are leading people from different historical past and ethnic groups with human beings with unique view of life. Preying for our leaders is therefore very essential.
In conclusion, the Bible enjoins us to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem (your Jerusalem is the country you’re now): they shall prosper…” Psalms 122:6…Let us cultivate the habit to pray for those in authority fervently.God bless us all!

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